I had never done a glass engraving course in all these years and beside IKA mechelen, any glass coldwork class. In March 2016 i applied for a glass engraving course at Corning. During this course they would be working with a glass-lathe and a micro-motor. This course at Corning would run after the GAS-conference. I already decided to attend the GAS conference, especially because it was at Corning. So happy when i got the news that i was in they glass engraving class I wanted to be in. Once again i could start planning my trip to America.


June 2016 my trip of two weeks America began. First i went to visit some friends in Philly. I visit the wonderful person and paperweight-maker Dave Graeber. I spend a day in his studio and had a nice dinner with him and his wife at a local restaurant. Had a lovely time! After spending some day’s in Philly I traveled from there to Corning to meet my friend Barbara. Barbara was my roommate in 2015 in Corning and has become a dear friend, love to spend time with here – talk about glass, have some good laughs. The GAS conferrence  has been a great experience.

And on top of it all………….the glass engraving course. I was not sure what to expect. But my god it has been wonderful. Glass engraving is so much like drawing. I took some designs I used before in my art-work with me. Some drawings of flowers, dragon fly’s and female figures and translated these into glass engraving work. Loved the mix of working with the sandblaster, the glass-lathe and the micro-moter. I really need to stop taking all these classes….....glass has to much to offer, every time i feel overwhelmed by another technique…….can’t go on bying tools….i have no more room in my studio.

(I did buy a micro-motor – could not resist)


Katharine Coleman has been my teacher for the glass-engraving class at Corning. If you want to learn more about Katharina, then please follow the link. http://www.katharinecoleman.co.uk/

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